Proficient FS8 Protege Subwoofer


The FS8 is the perfect subwoofer for places where you never thought you could use a subwoofer. Like bedrooms, designer living rooms and home offices. At less than 14 inches on its longest side, the FS8 can easily hide behind couches, sit under end tables or nestle in a corner.

Yet there’s nothing tiny about the FS8’s performance. We gave it an 8-inch composite driver with an extra-wide surround to increase the cone excursion, which dramatically increases deep bass power. We powered the driver with a 200-watt Class D amp, and added an 8-inch passive radiator to reinforce the deepest bass notes. The result is a minisub with serious slam—and a fast, musical sound that’ll thrill both audiophiles and action-movie fans.

Woofer 8" Polypropylene-Coated Fiber Composite Woofer
Passive Woofer 8" Down-Firing Passive Woofer
Frequency Response 32Hz - 150Hz
Power Rating 400 Watts Peak / 200 Watts RMS Continuous
Subwoofer Output 100dB SPL
Crossover 50Hz - 150Hz; Bypass
Inputs Left & Right Line Level, LFE
Outputs Line Level High-Pass
Dimensions H 13 5/8" x W 11 3/4" x D 12 1/2"


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