Nexus Renaissance C-816 Multi Zone Audio Sytem

The C-816 is a multi-zone Audio Controller that supports 6 or 8 independently operated zones, as well as 6 audio sources, in addition to a built in AM/FM Tuner. Engineered for the future, the unit includes an RS-232 serial port for easy integration with other home automation systems, including a USB port for firmware upgrades in the field.

The C-816 features six zones, each with 100 watts into 4 ohm loads (all zones driven) including two zones with variable line level out. Audio inputs are comprised of 4 stereo RCA inputs and 2 bays that will accept various input modules such as our MZ-Dock, Internet Radio module and MZ-Audio Input auxiliary module. Also included are audio and trigger inputs for telephone paging and doorbell mute functions, to ensure, you will not miss that important call or visitor.

The C-816 can be expanded to 8 zones, simply by adding our A-200 or A-500 zone amplifiers. The A-200 provides 2 zones, each with 100 watts using the same clean, powerful, musical amplifiers as the C-816.


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